Our Promise

We believe in
  • providing CHEAPEST GENERIC products.
  • keeping customer information DISCREET.
  • several PAYMENT methods for customer.

Our Promise

Once we gain enough of customer base, we promise, we will setup stocking and parcel facility of required medications from Singapore and USA, which would deliver the products to our customers in comparatively less time, till then we would request you to hold on to us, thank you. Expected delivery time for the shipment would be 8 to 10 days until then.

Try our service once and be a part of our family. Thank you.

* For now, our reshipment policy includes guarantee from our end, to clear Indian customs, 1 out of 30 parcels gets stuck in foreign customs, thus we do not guarantee reshipment, whilst the parcel is caught in foreign customs, our promise: once we get a good customer base, we will gladly reship free of cost.

How would you get to know, if we have good customer base?

You can check the number of subscribers or number of members on discord.