Payment Methods

We believe in
  • providing CHEAPEST GENERIC products.
  • keeping customer information DISCREET.
  • several PAYMENT methods for customer.

Payment Methods

1) BTC
2) PayPal
3) Money-Gram
4) Western-Union
5) Credit Card
6) Bank Wire
7) E-check


  1. Walkthrough for making payment through all the 6 payment methods is mentioned on our website.
  2. Payment methods are mentioned in accordance to our preferences. For example: we highly prefer payment through Bitcoin, thus it is been stated at position number 1.

If the customer does not believe in bitcoins or use bitcoins , they can go for our second preference i.e. payment through PayPal and so on for the other 3 payment methods in order. The pricing for medications would vary for the same. Like if you pay through bitcoin, we will be quoting you less amount as compared to other 4 payment options provided by us.

No explaination to bank or anyone needed.

If a customer orders from us and opt for paying through one of these: PayPal, Money-gram, Western Union and Bank wire. Unlike other online pharmacies, we have the best solution in this business.

Usually, paying through the above mentioned payment methods, one has to answer the bank authorities and other tedious procedures for successful transaction of international transfer of money.

However, consider yourselves lucky, as you will be paying to our reliable colleague in USA. Obviously , no questions, no tedious procedure, are in order.

In future, we plan to introduce (Cash on delivery) payment option for the convenience to our customers. please feel free to enquire for the same if you have any further question and we have our best customer support available for you 24/7. they would direct you accordingly.